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"I have known Jeremy in a personal and professional capacity for over 10 years. Through our mutual involvement with Adaptive Easel and collaborative projects, I can personally attest to his professional business knowledge, powerful communication skills, and ability to direct and manage a wide variety of projects and clients. He has been an invaluable asset to our firm since inception, and has set a high standard for our company's brand and creative services.

Jeremy was one of the 3 founding members of Adaptive Easel in 1999 and have been involved on a management and executive role ever since. I have witnessed how his leadership and maturity as Creative Director have guided the transformation of the company from a start-up web development firm to a growing, multi-office business providing end-to-end marketing and technology services. Throughout this process, Jeremy has applied his refined graphic design experience, his natural leadership ability, and communication skills to grow and expand the business. During the dot-com crash, the company and industry went through a tumultuous period. It was a difficult time to be a nascent business, but Jeremy used sound business judgment, leadership, and charisma to guide the company and its employees toward growth.

As CEO of Adaptive Easel, I have worked with Jeremy on a large number of projects, both internal and external, spanning many clients and industries. I have participated in numerous strategic meetings with Jeremy and our managers, employees, and clients regarding marketing strategy, technology integration, organizational structure, operational efficiency, finance, and growth management. I have found his ability to apply design concepts, his intuition in technology development, and his ability to communicate and implement new strategies effectively to be extraordinary for someone of his age. Furthermore, Jeremy's ability to analyze, interpret, and solve business problems is not limited to our own company or industry. While working alongside Jeremy over the years, I am often amazed with the ease at which he arrives at creative solutions to case problems he is involved in. Jeremy also has a natural ability to lead and motivate both internal teams and clients to support valuable ideas and initiatives.

Jeremy's unique combination of business knowledge, creative talent, and technology affiliation, along with his strong communication skills and charisma will allow him to excel in any environment. He has helped our business grow in many facets over the years, and would serve as a valuable addition to any business environment."

Chase M. Hendrix
President & CEO, Adaptive Easel


"Jeremy Sievers interned with us for eight weeks last summer(1998). He was hard working, smart, creative, on time, and fun to have around. We were extremely busy, and under pressure with very tight deadlines. We had very little time to 'baby-sit' and intern. Fortunately, Jeremy did not need babysitting - he jumped right in and worked. We threw several projects at him, which he picked up and completed - quickly, creatively, with minimal direction.

Jeremy is proficient with Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark and PageMaker. He understands color separations and how to design pieces that a printer can print.

All of us at Lessing-Flynn enjoyed Jeremy and appreciated having him as a working member of our creative team."

Joel Clifton, Cindy Hemingway and Matt Ward
Art Directors, Lessing-Flynn


"I am pleased to prepare this letter of recommendation for Jeremy Sievers, a May 1999 graduate from Simpson College. Jeremy, a recipient of the outstanding senior award from the art department, consistently demonstrated excellence in his chosen filed of concentration, visual art. He is a sensitive and careful observer and thus capable of producing excellent photography. He is extraordinary in his ability to utilize the computer as a tool for graphic design. As his culminating senior project, he produced a fine portfolio of graphic designs.

I believe an employer will find Mr. Sievers to be a responsible, creative and superior employee. From my first contact with him, I found Jeremy to be outstanding. I believe he will be outstanding in the workplace as well."

Janet Heinicke
Chr., Art Department, Simpson College



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