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Web Work: Adaptive Easel

Adaptive Easel (www.adeasel.com)

The main corporate site for Adaptive Easel, www.adeasel.com acts to show business philosophy, design talent and technological capability. The site uses a unique design and bottom based navigation system to show the companies "Adaptive" approach to business. Navigation has been simplified to 3 main sections in order to simplify the online experience, rather than overwhelm the viewer with data. It is sometimes a mistake to show all of your tricks at one time. The main goal was to create a creative online experience that was very user friendly and at the sometime demonstrated work through text based content and a portfolio.


Adaptive Easel Intranet (www.adeasel.net)

In contrast to the main public site adeasel.net is an internal site for Adaptive Easel. I was the sole developer, design and programming on this project. There is extensive backend database systems that support the secure password protected site. Client and project information are kept and managed together and the data from the different section interact to create custom group wear to manage multiple client/projects from multiple cities and production areas. This software was key to our company in order to create an area that facilitates cooperation and keep everyone up-to-date.


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