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Logo Work: History

The Evolution of Personal Marketing Logo

1999 JRS Logo
Created this logo initally for my Senior Show at Simpson College.

2001 JRS Logo
Reworked the JRS logo to a more up-to-date modern look. This new design more reflected my personality and outdoor lifestyle. The logo was use on personal business cards and stationery for promotion of freelance design.

2003 Uppernine Logo
In 2003 I took a whole new approch to my self promotion and created a new brand that ties in with my website, thus Uppernine was born. Uppernine.com represents me and is intended for the purpose of showing my web and design knowlege. It seems far too egocentric to have and promote jeremysievers.com. The latest incarnation of my personal logo has much more life and action, and most importantly is very dynamic and easily adaptable to different media.

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